Saturday, July 10, 2010

What's Up With Roger Federer?

What happened to the great Roger Federer?

Just a few years ago he was winning everything under the sun. Now he's losing to everyone, and if it were not for an Australian Open title he'd have zero wins in almost a year!!!

Roger is getting older - he turns 29 next month - and with it he does get slower. But the cat is losing on hardcourts, clay and as we all saw at Wimbledon and even at halle, he's now losing on grass!

When will it end? Or have we seen the best of Roger.

Federer is now dropped to No. 3 in the rankings for the first time since 2004 or so. With that drop and Nadal playing so well it's very difficult to ever see Roger getting back to No. 1.

Think about it. He's going to be 29. Nadal is 24 and entering his prime. How is Roger going to win 2-3 Slams in the next 12 months to get back to no. 1?

Oh, snap. Roger said he was injured during Wimbledon. He claimed a back and leg injury that hurt his play. Let's hope that's it.

Bottom line, he needs to have a good summer - will he even play? - and get back to wining titles!

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