Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Andre Agassi Showed No Class

For a guy who runs a highly regarding preparatory academy in his hometown of Las Vegas, Andre Agassi sure has a thing or two to learn about class!

I am of course blogging about the much-discussed events that took place last Friday night at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden when four of the greatest names in all of tennis - Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Pete Sampras and Agassi - made an apperance for a fun tennis evening in the Hit for Haiti fundraiser.

With the help of Oracle and tournament CEO Larry Ellison, the event raised over $1 million dollars, but what people will remember the most is the way Agassi acted.

The guy who revealed he took meth during his playing days seemed to be back on the drug during the match. Agassi looked like a non-stop jitterbug who wouldn;t shut up.

And when Sampras became the butt of another Agassi joke, enough was enough. Pete was visibly upset that Agassi brought up that Pete was a poor tipper.

Bottom line, bringing up tipping habits has no place in a charity event like that. Agassi should know better, and he did by later apologizing.

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